Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal allows us to experience the scintillating views of grandest Himalayas by passing through beautiful villages, forests and meadows that mesmerizes us in adventure with the best feeling of accomplishment and delight. Either you are looking for adventurous trek on the foothills of Himalayas or the short and easy trek with the majestic Himalayan views, trekking in Nepal has something to offer for the entire travel enthusiast. Trekking in Nepal also provides the chance to explore diversified culture, tradition and lifestyle of local inhabitants which would be an opportunity to make new friends.

While trekking in Nepal, we ensure you enjoy the best of holiday experience with full of adventure and natural splendor. Nepal holds the temperate climate and possesses topographic variation from just 60 meters above the sea level to top of the world at summit of Mt. Everest (8848meters). Due to this variation Nepal is the home of various rare floras and faunas and you would definitely spot some of these species while trekking in Nepal. In the present context, trekking in Nepal has been upgraded in terms of service, accommodation and transportation services. The number of tea houses and lodges are opening up offering quality services at the trekking regions.

However, there are also camp nights trekking packages which can be experienced in adventurous manner. From this year government of Nepal has opened up even more trekking routes, nonetheless EverestAnnapurna and Langtang region possesses the best trekking trails on the planet. Trekking in Nepal is best experienced during the autumn (Sept-Dec) and spring (March-May) season when the skies are usually clear and exhibits the clear views of glorious Himalayas. However, while trekking in the rain shadow areas of Nepal, you can embark in any season as these region doesn’t receives rainfall even in monsoon and offers you the unique travel and trekking experiences on the remote areas of Nepal.