The National symbols of Nepal are:-

National flag:- National flag of Nepal is the world’s only flag that is non-quadrilateral in shape. The flag is red with a bluer border around the unique shape of two overlapping strangles. The blue border is the symbol of peace and harmony. The red color symbolizes the color of Rhododendron, the National flower of Nepal. The moon represents the serenity of the Nepalese people and the sun symbolizes the unbeaten nature of Nepalese.

National Bird:- National bird of Nepal is Lophophorus.

National Language:- The national language of Nepal is the Nepali language. It is written in Devanagari script and is the official language of Nepal.

National color:- Crimson is the national color of Nepal. A strong, deep, bright red color represents the kind and Bravehearted nature of Nepali people.

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    What are the national symbols of Nepal?

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    What are the national symbols of Nepal?

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