Plan a Honeymoon Tours in Nepal

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February 29, 2024

Plan a Honeymoon Tours in Nepal

Honeymoon Tours in Nepal

Every couple’s trip of a lifetime begins with their honeymoon. It’s a time to rejoice in love, make priceless memories, and go on exciting new journeys as a couple. Many newlyweds are choosing more active honeymoons as the traditional notion of spending their honeymoon lounging on a tropical beach, and swimming is becoming outdated.

Look no further than Nepal if you’re looking for a honeymoon destination that offers stunning scenery, a plethora of cultural activities, and thrilling adventures. For couples wishing to make enduring memories, this charming nation, tucked away in the foothills of the Himalayas, provides an abundance of romantic alternatives with multiple choices during a honeymoon tour in Nepal.

Every couple looking for romance, adventure, and leisure may find something to enjoy in Nepal, from the beautiful Himalayas to the tranquil lakes and energetic towns.

Here’s how to organize the honeymoon tours in Nepal.

  • Choosing the right visiting time

So, lets dive into best seasons for honeymoon tours in Nepal. Nepal has diverse seasons, each with its unique beauty. The finest seasons to visit are spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) when there are beautiful skies, comfortable temperatures, and flowering vegetation. But if you’d rather be in a more sedate environment, consider going in the off-peak months of winter (December to February) or monsoon (June to August).

You can visit all year round for sightseeing and honeymoon tours in Nepal, but if you want an adventurous and thrilling experience doing the trek in Nepal, spring and autumn(fall) are perfect.

  • Planning the itinerary

Once you land for honeymoon tours in Nepal, you can enjoy 1-2 days in Kathmandu, Nepal’s energetic capital city. You can start your tour with the busy squares, historic temples, and vibrant marketplaces. Also, visit the holy locations of Boudhanath and Swayambhunath to experience the meditative atmosphere and see the captivating ceremonies. During your visit to Kathmandu, tour Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nepal with stunning architecture and centuries of history.

Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan Tour

After touring for a few days, it is time to visit the city of romance, Pokhara, a tranquil lakeside town tucked away within the Annapurna Mountain range. You can reach this destination enjoying the gorgeous scenery on a drive or a leisurely flight. You can spend 2-3 days here enjoying the romantic environment.

Enjoy romantic boat rides where you can see the reflections of the high mountains on the glistening waters, or take strolls around the serene Phewa Lake, holding hands with your special someone. For those seeking adventure, consider hiking to Sarangkot’s breathtaking overlooks or the World Peace Pagoda for expansive views of the Himalayas.

Also, you can do other thrilling activities like paragliding/ultra-flight, bungee jumping, ATV riding, zipline, and rafting. You can also hike to nearby locations if you have one extra day. This will surely makes worthy honeymoon tours in Nepal for a life time.

Community Trekking or Pokhara Day Trek

From here, you can visit Chitwan, a beautiful city in the center of Nepal (East-West) known for its abundant biodiversity and exceptional & adventurous experience. Stay at Chitwan for 2-3 days, take exhilarating jungle excursions, and immerse yourself in the natural world. You may see various exotic animals, such as Bengal tigers, elephants, rhinoceroses, and other bird species. Relax in opulent jungle lodges among the sound of the forest and cherish private moments in the company of nature. Discover the exciting culture and customs of the indigenous Tharu people by visiting their adjacent villages.

Chitwan National Park Tour

Then, you can travel back to Kathmandu and reach Nagarkot, a little hill village renowned for its expansive Himalayan views and breathtaking sunsets, to round off your honeymoon journey and stay overnight. Early morning, enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed as you awaken to the stunning view of the snow-capped Alps. Take walks on the picturesque hiking trails with your love, or relax in the comfortable atmosphere of your hillside resort during the day. During the evening, you can spend a romantic moment watching the sunset with a glass of mine.

nagarkot with the majestic himalayas view

This way, you can plan your tour itinerary, which is subtle and sweet, but if you want more adventure, thrill, and adrenaline-fueled experience, you can do a couple-trek with the most famous packages like Everest Base Camp trek or Annapurna Base Camp trek. If you have extra days, you can go for circuit treks like Annapurna Circuit. Making extra day for honeymoon tours in  Nepal will give you extra romance than any other country.

There are a few other activities that you can enjoy as a couple, like bungee jumping, rafting, zipline, etc.

  • Embracing Cultural Experiences

The richness of Nepal’s rich cultural heritage enhances your honeymoon tours in Nepal experience. Take part in religious ceremonies, visit historic monasteries, and see traditional dance performances to immerse yourself fully in the local way of life. Savor the pleasures of real Nepali food, well-known for its variety of flavors and fragrant spices. Indulge your palate with a culinary exploration of Nepal’s delectable dishes, ranging from momo (dumplings) to dal bhat (lentil soup served over rice with various curry and pickles).

phoca thumb l People of Annapurna

  • Giving Back to the Community

Give back to the community while on your honeymoon tour in Nepal to make it truly special. Engage in eco-friendly travel programs that promote local livelihoods and environmental preservation.  While you are on honeymoon tours in Nepal you can take part in cultural exchanges with native populations, buy handcrafted goods from nearby craftsmen, or lend a hand as a volunteer with grassroots groups that promote environmental preservation or educational initiatives. Make a lasting impression on the people of Nepal and leave a good legacy in the locations you visit.

tree plantation 1


You will have a great trip, but as you enter this journey for honeymoon tours in Nepal, always make time to unwind and relax with your partner. Go on a romantic getaway to a riverfront resort or a quiet mountain hideaway where you can enjoy one another’s company and the peace of nature. Savor the times spent together that will make enduring memories as you watch captivating sunsets and stargaze beneath a beautiful night sky.

A fantastic combination of romance, adventure, and cultural immersion awaits couples on a honeymoon tour in Nepal. Nepal provides the ideal setting for your honeymoon, whether you’re seeing historic temples in Kathmandu, climbing across the Himalayas, or just spending peaceful time outdoors. Prepare your belongings, come on this enchanted expedition beside your partner, and let Nepal transport you both, Nepal is a spiritual country so this country will help you to connect spiritually with your soulmate that why you should also consider honeymoon tours in Nepal.

Once your destination has been determined, you have two options for planning your itinerary: either contact our tour operator to receive additional information or prepare the schedule on your own. Our Euroasia Travel Specialists can assist you in organizing your honeymoon tours in Nepal more effectively from our office at Kathmandu, Nepal.

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