Top Five Attractions of Nepal

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November 4, 2019

Top Five Attractions of Nepal

Arrival of tourists are increasing in Nepal year by year. The main reasons of tourists’ flow are Nepal culture diversity, Geographical diversity, exquisite nature, adventurous experience etc. So, Nepal has become the center of attractions for tourists.  So, what in the Nepal is attracting the tourists, what so special about Nepal. Here, are the Top Five attractions of Nepal:

Top Five Attractions of Nepal

Everest and Everest Base Camp

What makes Nepal unique is not just it’s culture and traditions. Isn’t it rare that the highest mountain of the world resides here? There is no other country which can offer this and hence it is one of the top attractions that Nepal can offer. Mount Everest also known as Sagarmatha rises to 8848 meters above sea level. It has been attracting many climbers, some of them are very experienced mountaineers. It is one of the top five attractions of Nepal.

Another way of observing this magnificent beauty is by going on Everest Base Camp trek. It is one of the classic treks in Nepal. The two-week treks start and finishes in Lukla. “Gateway to Everest” is another name for Everest Base Camp. You can know more about this trek at here.

Everest Base Camp

Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa is one of the World Heritage Sites. So, it is one of the top five attractions of Nepal. It is one of the oldest and biggest Buddhist monuments that had been built in Nepal.

The Stupa stands on the massive three level Mandala style platform surrounded by colorful private family houses. Boudhanath Stupa serves as reminder of Buddha’s path to enlightenment.  You will encounter a lot of traditional shops selling Thangkas, Singing bowls etc. around the Stupa.

The monks and devotees walk around the Stupa which is known as” kora”. They make a round of the stupa in a clockwise direction by keeping the stupa towards the right. It is one of the major attractions of Nepal for both Buddhist followers and others. The magnificent stupa projects peace and there is peaceful vibe that exists in and around the stupa.


Bouddhanath Stupa


Swayambhu Nath Stupa

Another top five attractions of Nepal is Swayambhu Nath stupa also. One of the most admirable architectures of Kathmandu Valley is Swayambhu Nath. Another name for Swayambhunat is “Monkey Temple” as a lot of monkeys reside there. It is located on the top of a hill; hence it provides the panoramic view of the Kathmandu valley. Swayambhu Nath Stupa is the oldest of its kind in Nepal and is a symbol of peace and harmony. It has a lot of shrines and monuments within its premises which has immense cultural value.



Chitwan National Park

Nepal can offer wildlife experience as well. The Chitwan national park is one of the world heritage sites as well and top 5 attractions of Nepal. It consists of a total of 68 species of mammals,544 species of birds,126 species of fish, etc. Jungle Safari is one of the most famous activities that is undertaken in Chitwan national park.

The endangered fauna found in the park are: One-horned rhinoceros, Gaur. Royal Bengal tiger. Wild elephant, Four horned antelope, Pangolin, Golden monitor lizard, Python, etc. Bengal florican. Lesser florican, Giant hornbill, Black stork, White stork, etc. It is one of the top five attractions of Nepal.

Top five attractions of Nepal

Lumbini Peace Park

Lumbini is a pilgrimage sight in Rupandehi District of Nepal. It is home to monasteries and is built by various countries with strong Buddhist traditions. Lumbini is place where Gautam Buddha, the light of Asia was born. Mayadevi Temple in Lumbini is one of the most sacred places as Gautam Buddha was born there. Lumbini is vital place and also top five attractions of Nepal. If one wants to learn about the life of Lord Buddha.


Therefore, these are the top five attractions of Nepal. Besides these there are a lot of trekking options. The trek to Himalayas is also top attraction of Nepal. However, with the cultural perspective there are plenty of options that one can opt from. To know more about this place by experience in real you can click here 

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