Tibet Visa Information

Some important points:

  • We must receive scan copy of passport at least 15 days prior to the departure date.
  • Chinese embassy visa working days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
NationalityNormal   (3 working day)  Urgent(2 working day)  Top Urgent(same day)
For US NationalityUS$ 140US$ 155US$ 175
For European & Other NationalityUS$ 5US$ 65US$ 85
For Serbian NationalityUS$ 60US$ 72US$ 85
For Romanian NationalityUS$ 72US $ 84US$ 90
For NepaleseRs. 2550Rs. 3550Rs.4000

Chinese Embassy holidays:

1 New year01st January1 day
2 Chinese new yearFebruary7 days
3 Labor Day01st – 07th May7 days
4 National Day01st – 07th October7 days
5 Full moon festival (tentative)September7 days
6 Nepali Dashain (tentativeOctober7 days

Photograph:-     02 recent passport styled photograph with full face, Front view, No Hat and against a plain light background.