Why Now is The Best Time for Tours in Nepal?

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June 10, 2015

Why Now is The Best Time for Tours in Nepal?

Visit Nepal now as it is the best time for Tours in Nepal. Currently Nepal is in recovering and rebuilding phase from the destruction caused by 7.9 Richter scale earthquake that struck at the heart of country. It had adverse effects on every sector including travel and tourism field too. Many tourists cancelled their plan of visiting Nepal. And still there is a big question regarding whether to go for tours in Nepal or not? Well, we think it is the best time to visit Nepal for tours and witness the best that Himalayan country has to offer. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Visit Nepal with an added reason now [Voluntourism]:

Currently, Nepalese people are trying their best to bring everything back into normal and your small help by visiting local place, giving a helping hand by supporting distribution of relief materials, cleaning rubble, rebuilding houses, participating in sanitation awareness programs etc. would bring positive changes in their life and your tour in Nepal would be even more purposeful.

  1. Joining tours in Nepal is safe:

Almost all the travel and tourism sector are running in their full capacity even after an earthquake. International and all domestic airports are running, travel agencies and tour operators are running, major roadways, highways are running, hotels and teahouses are running, communication is running; in fact everything is up and running. So, it is definitely safe for you and your loved ones to visit for tours in Nepal.

  1. Get the new insights while visiting Nepal:

Observe Nepal in a different way. While sightseeing around UNESCO world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley you will now get to see the aftermath of an earthquake. Very different from what it was. Talk with locals, listen to their stories, how life has changed and get new insights of local culture, art and architecture by joining tours in Nepal.

  1. Grab the best deals and offers:

Huge discounts are being offered to attract more and more tourists form all around the world by hotels, tour and travel agents, restaurants, adventurous activities operators; there are unbelievable discounts. Don’t miss this chance to crack the best of deals.

  1. Avoid crowd while experiencing best of tours in Nepal:

There are many popular touristic sites, trekking trails, viewpoints in Nepal that are always packed with tourists which prevents you to enjoy fully. Therefore this is the time to visit Nepal for experiencing the best of tours in Nepal at unimaginable less cost without compromising on any safety measures.

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