Start Practicing Yoga from International Yoga Day

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June 21, 2015

Start Practicing Yoga from International Yoga Day

Now onwards every 21th of June will be celebrated as International Yoga Day driven by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. A regular yoga and meditation practitioner, Modi’s proposal to mark 21 June as Yoga day was accepted by United Nation General Assembly, making a mark on calendar as International day of Yoga. This first year, the slogan has been ‘Yoga for peace and harmony’.

Yoga events are being organized at different parts of India as well as all around the globe. It is believed that yoga makes our body fit and generates positive energy in our body. Meditating and practicing yoga on regular basis will reduce our stress, revitalizes our body, relaxes our muscles and most of all brings positive changes in our lives. There will be less chance of illness and opens up paths to healthy lifestyle. There are so many benefits of yoga that we don’t realize it is the way to add up happiness and self realization.

So, have you been practicing yoga regularly? If you haven’t, then start from today, on International day of Yoga. We, Euro Asia Treks also believes in benefits of yoga and meditation and we have been organizing special Yoga and Mediation Tours in Nepal targeted for those who wants to practice yoga from where it originated, land of Himalayas.

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