How Do I Prepare for Trekking in Nepal?

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September 14, 2015

How Do I Prepare for Trekking in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal preparation can be done by every individual regardless their age and fitness level. You should not be like pro athlete and in your twenties to join for trekking trips in Nepal. Most of the trips are all about having fun filled pleasurable walking experience at your own pace, time and according to your limitations. But it is also true that more fit you are, more you will enjoy the trekking in Nepal holidays.

We would also like to mention that trekking around rugged trails of Himalayas is not like ‘walk in a park’. There will be steep climbs, descends with smooth walks, we have to pass through beautiful forests, landscapes, villages, cross suspension bridges during the trek. We will also experience variation in altitudes, topography, cultures and traditions etc. Sometimes, the tired feeling just fades away as we view the spectacular Himalayan sceneries surrounding us.

One of the best techniques known for physical preparation prior any trekking activities would be walking itself. Walk up the nearby hills, descend. Slowly increase your pace up. And try to create a similar condition while walking, like carry some backpacks and wear similar shoes. In this way, your stamina will increase and you will feel more enjoyable and less tiresome while trekking around Himalayas. There are other supplementary ways too; some physical exercises like cycling, jogging, and swimming would also surely help.

We recommend you to go for short hikes at nearby hills during the weekend, have some fun and get prepared for trekking at the same time. Also remember to take stairs in preference to elevator or escalators. Following these simple steps would surely make your trekking holiday in Nepal an enjoyable experience.

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