Holi: Festival that brings colors into life

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March 4, 2015

Holi: Festival that brings colors into life

Everyone loves colors, so do I. And Holi is the festival that brings colors into life. For somebody who experienced childhood in Nepal, Holi is the most noteworthy joyous time that I can remember which brings the fun, vitality and the soul it brings to individuals. The joy, commotion, music, colors, moves and happiness bursts all around the nation.

Holi is the celebration of adoration recalling Lord Krishna’s mischievous behavior or Prahlad’s devotion to Lord Vishnu. There are such a large number of stories behind this incredible celebration around the world. As Nepal itself is a diversified society of numerous cultures, it is difficult to disclose and to come to only one answer in respect to why Holi is praised. Despite the fact that it is a religious celebration, in the same way as any celebration in Nepal, the entire country praises paying little mind to caste, religion and societal position and it is this soul that makes the celebration so exceptional.

Therefore while visiting Nepal, embrace the beauty of colors and have an insightful tour that brings the feeling of togetherness and brotherhood among people. Just pick a color, have fun and say Happy Holi!

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