Everest Base Camp Trek

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November 18, 2017

Everest Base Camp Trek

In this blog, I will answer the most asked queries about the Everest base camp trek. Mind you! I have never been to Everest Base Camp trek but after doing my share of research and talking to various clients that we provide trekking services to, I believe I’m capable of answering this questions for you!

One of the most asked question about Everest Base Camp trek is

Which season/month is best for it?

The favorable months to trek to EBC is April to May or October to November. It goes without saying that October to November is the best of time to travel to Nepal and same goes with the Everest.

Flight to Lukla from Kathmandu is only 30 minutes long but is the most scenic and adventurous flight that you will take in your entire lifetime. The flights often gets rescheduled if the weather conditions are not favorable. If you have booked the trekking with a reliable trekking company, it will not be a big issue for you!

Another frequent question asked is

How fit one needs to be to travel to Everest Base Camp?

One needs to be fit to travel to Everest as it is one difficult journey yet beautiful one. It is not like walking in the park, so if you are planning to trek to the top of the world be prepared accordingly.

Due to high altitude and dryness, there is high probability of suffering from cough. But if you adopt  precautions this can be easily avoided. Never use your hands for eating.  Always use hand sanitizer after using the public toilets and take waterproof gears to keep yourself warm up there.

Most traveler fear that accommodation will not be up to the mark. But this is not correct. Most of our travelers are surprised as to how clean the lodges that stay in are. Of course, it gets more basic as the trek is progressed. Remember you are to see the top of the world and it is difficult to get materials up there. The higher you go the more basic the hotels/lodges will be. So, I would like to suggest you not to have your expectation very high.

Most of our travelers are in dilemma whether to do EBC trek or ABC trek. It totally depend on you as both the trek are as beautiful as you see in the pictures! However, Everest is the highest mountain of the world and who wouldn’t want to see the top of the world?

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