How travel will change post covid-19

How will travel change post covid-19? This is the question in everyone's mind. We definitely know that Covid-19 will change the way we traveled. In fact, the way we traveled will never be the same in the days to come.Covid- 19 has affected almost all industries and hospitality industry is...

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Top Five Attractions of Nepal

Tours in Nepal, Nepal Tour Operator

In this blog we are going to talk about the Top Five Attractions of Nepal. 2019 is almost over and we are getting closer to Visit Nepal Year. Visit Nepal 2020 looks forward to welcome approximately 2 million tourists to the land of Himalayas and temples.Everest and Everest Base CampWhat...

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Renovation of TIA Airport amidst Covid-19 lockdown

Covid-19 pandemic has affected the whole world. Nepal is not an exception. In order to prevent the wide spread of corona virus, the government have kept the country under lockdown.  Amidst all the chaos that corona virus  and lockdown has brought, TIA airport has been renovated.Following pictures so how the...

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Things you need to know about Tihar

One of the biggest Hindu festivals of Nepal has come and ended and we are now awaiting for Tihar.  Tihar, is the second biggest Hindu festival of Nepal and is also known as festival of lights. It is celebrated for five consecutive days.Day 1 : Kaag(Crow) Tihar “kaag” in Nepal...

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5 things about Nepal

How to Prepare For Trekking in Nepal_6

Every time we plan to travel to another country, it is always helpful to learn about few things beforehand. In this blog, I will explain 5 things about Nepal that might be useful for you when you travel here.Nepal is a landlocked country which is surrounded by China to the...

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