About Bhutan

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is fast emerging from centuries of self imposed isolation Bhutan, hidden in the eastern Himalayas, is an exotic land of Mahayana Bhuddhism, pristine environment, high mountains, alpine forests and lush valleys. It is a fascinating land of immense natural beauty coupled with its unique culture and ancient traditions – as yet, untouched by outside influences. Bhutan has for years chosen to stay isolated to minimize external influences on their land and culture thus becoming the world’s most exclusive tourist destination.

Bhutan, approx the size of Switzerland, covers an area of 47, 000 sq. KM & has a population of less that 700, 000 inhabitants. These figures hoever do not reflect the incredible geographical & ecological diversity of the country nor its natural wealt. The range of altitudes revel its variety, rising from 300m on the Indian frontier to 7, 300m on the Tibet border. The land is reminiscent of a gigantic staircase.

With modern transportataion facilities, you can now comfortably experience the warm hospitality of its friendly people the carefree Bhutanese lifestyle and the culture of the peaceful haven. Magnificent scenery, fortresses form the past that are awesome in design & monasteries with traditional & unique style.