Thing to know about Dhampus Trek

‘Dhampus Trek’ offers a fabulous trekking adventure inside a serene, natural trail filled with amazing mountain views. It has mesmerized foreign travelers since the millennium. Dhampus Trek begins from the beautiful, scenic touristic city of Pokhara. Travelers who join on this trip will get to explore some of the best trekking routes of western Nepal.
Trekkers witness a glorious Himalayan scenery, amazing waterfalls, attractive village communities, and rich culture and history of the indigenous local people. To reach to Dhampus , you don’t need permits because the village lies on the border of Annapurna Conservation Area.
There are two major routes via which you can reach this beautiful village. You can either opt for series of stone steps or a rough road which are used by vehicle.

When is the right time to travel?
Like trekking to most of the mountains in Nepal, the best time for trekking to this beautiful village is October to November. Remember that it has no high passes so, in October/November there will be clear weather with mild temperature. Also, like other popular treks, March/April happens to be second beest months for this trek.

What will you see?
Dhampus is popular for being short and easy trek. However, it delivers scenic views of Annapurna and its sister peaks. During the months of March and April, the trekking route will be filled with beautiful rhododendron in the hills. Dhampus is a cultural village and consists of Gurung community which are tribal community of Nepal and this area.

What kind of accommodation are there?
Dhampus is one of the popular villages and hence its route has adequate hotels and lodges. Keep in mind the trekking routes in Nepal are remote areas of Nepal. Don’t expect anything fancy! You can also opt for homestay and live like a local. Homestay will let you experience the local life and culture along with the taste of local food.

What Permit will you need?
As mentioned before, you will not be needing permits for Dhampus. It doesn’t fall in the Annapurna Conservation area. However, if you plan on trekking further to ABC or Mardi Himal, you would need one. The permit TIMS cost about 1000 Rupees which gives you the liberty to trek to ABC or Mardi Himal.