Annapurna Region Trekking

“If you had a single glance to give the world, you should gaze on Mt. Annapurna.”

Beyond comparison is the Annapurna region of Nepal which has been the center of attraction for many people who enjoy trekking in one of the best places in the world. The popularity of Annapurna region is extremely large and is still has shown no signs of slowing down as each year it still gets flooded with thousands of foreign trekkers who want to spend their vacation in the heartland of the Himalayas.Annapurna region is situated at the north-west region of Nepal which is directly on the opposite site of its rival Everest region. The tenth highest mountain, Mt. Annapurna (8,091m) is also positioned inside this spectacular region, hence this region is referred as Annapurna region. Nevertheless, this is not the only region to make it one of the most desired trekking destination in Nepal. While the Himalayan mountains can easily be the noteworthy part of trekking here, trekkers should also keep their eye out for beautiful hills and valleys where diverse ethnic villages can be seen alongside domesticated animals and terraced farmlands in which they grow their own food. Not stopping there, you also get to witness never before seen ecological and biological diversity which have been scattered all around this incredible region. From the highest Himalayan pass of Thorung La Pass to the consecrated religious site of Muktinath and the breathtaking Tilicho Lake, all of these make Annapurna region a true haven for foreigners. Also, the scenic lake city of Pokhara is located here which makes it easier and more convenient for trekkers to commence and end their journey with relaxing hotel rooms and touristic market streets to walk around. It also serves as a natural habitat for many rare wild animals and plants which would not have been able to live here without the assisted help from the ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project). Due to this the tourism has remained sustainable and Eco-friendly unlike other popular trekking regions.Just go through our following trip packages to find a trip that suits you and visit this spectacular trekking region of Nepal with us.