Sustainable Nepal Tour

| 15 Days

Tour  to beautiful places of Nepal or nepal highlights is based on three pillar model in Tourism . This tour includes economy, ecology, and social issues. The program takes you to all the major tourist destinations of Nepal and helps the country and society  in various way.

This program provides income generating opportunities to it’s locals with a fair price. This tour is environment friendly and also gives a hint of cultural exchange.


The locals, small entrepreneurs and staff of the service providers will be benefited with such trips as they get opportunities to serve out client. This has minimal effect on the clients budget.

This program helps to create a win-win situation for client and local entrepreneurs. Part of the profit made by the company also goes to society through CSR Activities.

Our office operates on the principle of being environment-friendly. Therefore, there is less paper use policy, we recycle when possible and also ensure proper disposal of garbage.

Again, our tour is also designed to help ecology and support environment, encourage preservation of endangered animals & local plants.  Hence tree plantation , nursery visit, elephant breeding center visit, Gharial breeding center visit, Cycling etc. are the part of the program. We need to travel responsibly.

Other than environmental aspect, our focus is also on social issue

We also  involve the local people in Tourism and provide  direct benefits to them.  Therefore local homestay for a night give them direct benefit and development entrepreneurship, small Guesthouse stay helps local entrepreneur.

And then visit  to Thanka painting school, Visit Sanskrit school, meeting with Hindu scholars, Butter lamp pray at monastery, promoting Tharu cultural dance show by community, etc. will help clients to get involved in social activities.

So, book your tour with Euro-Asia to visit beautiful places of Nepal to enjoy the economic ,ecological and social  aspect together.

Trip Map

Trip Facts

Duration: 15 Days
Country visited: Nepal
Trip starts from: Kathmandu
Trip End in: Kathmandu
Max. Altitude: 2,175m
Trip Grade:

Accommodation: Hotel, Guest House, Homestay
Transpotation: Bus, Car
Group size: Min. 2 pax
Activity Per Day: