Nepal Points of Interest

Nepal Points of interest

With eight of the ten highest peaks in the world located here in Nepal, the natural scenery & cultural contrasts of Nepal attract many visitors and travelers from around the globe. Nepal is truly an ideal destination for any traveler as the diversified nation gives you a land of opportunities...

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A day Trip in Chandragiri Cable Car

Chandragiri Cable Car

"It’s easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top.”Chandragiri Cable Car is a new destination for outing in Kathmandu. Located on the outer reaches of Kathmandu valley, Chandragiri hill in Thankot is 16 kilometers away. Covered with lush green blanket...

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Visit Kathmandu Valley: The valley of Temples, Palaces, Contrasts and Myths

patan durbar square

There was a valley at the crossroads of ancient civilizations in Asia; a 220 square mile bowl shaped landscape and 4000 feet up in the land of Himalayas filled with water. One day a godly person or Bodhisattva (“Buddha-to-be”) named Manjushri came down from the north and cut the big...

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Indrasarover: Enjoy Natural Beauty on Artificial Lake


Nearby Kathmandu Valley, Indrasarover Lake can be reached from two directions. One, the way from southern valley through Pharping and other way is from northern side passing through Thankot and Chitlang. Indrasarover Lake is a huge artificial lake made artificially for the sole purpose of building Kulekhani dam and generating...

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Which One is Right for You: Annapurna or Everest Base Camp Trek?

ABC or Everest base camp trek

Annapurna or Everest Base Camp Trek? Which trek to choose for your upcoming trekking holiday in Nepal? It is one of the most common query among travel and and trekking enthusiasts. If you love hiking, and trekking, exploring is your passion then I will highly recommend to try both Annapurna...

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