Other Activities

Along trekking, touring and peak climbing in Nepal you can get yourself immersed in other adventurous activities which are as follows:

Bungee jumping:

Bungee jumping in Nepal can be experienced at two places in Nepal. One is classic bungee jumping over the raging Bhote Koshi River near Nepal, Tibet border. And another is recently operated bungee at the scenic lake city Pokhara. You are 100% ensured on safety as all the required safety measures are taken care of. Operated by the experienced and expert bungee professionals, the heart pounding free fall from the top certainly takes your breath away. We, Euro Asia would like to organize this bungee jumping adventure just for you.


Paragliding above the nature’s paradise Pokhara city lets you to explore the scenic valleys, lakes, settlements and Himalayas from the bird’s eye view. Sarangkot hill, the most popular paragliding spot in Pokhara, Nepal can be reached easily after few minutes’ drive from the lake side. The feeling of adventure and thrill is incomparable while flying with birds over the beautiful city and Himalayas on the background. It will be one of the best memorable moments of your life. Capture a photo while flying and stand out among your friends.

Zip flying:

Zip flying adds an option to those who want to experience another adventurous activity in Pokhara, Nepal. The starting point of zip flyer is at the top of Sarangkot hill nearby main Pokhara city and you will be zipped from 1625 meters to 960 meters in Hemja village through 1860 meters long wire. You can view the grand Himalayas alongside the zip flyer only if you see aside at the speed of around 140 km/hr. All the safety measures will be taken of and you are ensured with 100% safety while zipping down the rope.

Ultralight flight:

Ultralight flight is small compacted two seated flight along pilot running on motor engine. In Nepal, ultra light flight can only be experienced in Pokhara. You would be mesmerized with mind blowing eye to eye views of Annapurna Himalayan ranges, Mt. Fish tail and other neighboring peaks. Right from the take off to landing, you will get the best and unique adventure full of excitement and delight. Don’t miss the chance to fly on ultra-light flight while visiting Nepal with Euro Asia.

Jungle Safari:

Jungle safari on the elephant ride, jeep or jungle walk at Chitwan National park lets you feel the soft jungle adventure along the exploring opportunity of local Tharu culture and tradition. Jungle safari on low lands of Nepal offers the plentiful of wilderness exploring opportunity taking you one step closer to nature. Also there is an equal opportunity to witness rare faunas like one horned rhino, royal Bengal tiger, deers, pythons, crocodiles and other rare species. Also Chitwan is popular bird watching destination. Embark for jungle safari with Euro Asia and feel the jungle adventure in Nepal.