Manaslu circuit Trek

US$ 2130.00 / Per Person | 23 Days

“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit. Manaslu circuit trek could be the best exploration. Try out once !”

 Manaslu circuit trek offers  a perfect blend of adventure and natural wilderness.  It is the perfect choice for trekkers and travelers who wish to entertain themselves with the panoramic views of the Himalayan mountains .

Manaslu Trek Itineray

Manaslu circuit trek, Nepal start with a scenic drive to Arughat via Gorkha. Trekkers begin their 20-day journey which follows a trekking trail alongside the picturesque Budhi Gandaki river. Then the trekkers get to experience a numerous exotic villages & beautiful rhododendron forests. Trekkers can experience immense amount of flora  fauna and other living species.

Similarly ,while trekking trekkers can get the view of the world’s eighth highest mountain, Mt. Manaslu (8,163m).   They cross over the chilling high Himalayan pass of Larkya La (5,106m).  In addition,this trek is bound to fascinate the heart and souls of all the individual trekkers who travel here.

Furthermore, you can even get to learn in-depth about the local tibetan culture and  tradition. You pass through the indigenous rural village settlements which are scattered all over this magnificent trekking region.

In conclusion, we highly recommend spring & autumn seasons as the prime time to go for this trek .This trek  present you with a picture-perfect mixture of pleasant weather conditions & natural sceneries.

Contact Euro-Asia Treks right now to book our Manaslu circuit Trek and travel into the wilderness of Manaslu region with our expert trekking staffs.

Package Rate: US$ 2130.00 Per Person

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Trip Map

Trip Facts

  • Duration: 23 Days
  • Country visited: Nepal
  • Trip starts from: Kathmandu
  • Trip End in: Kathmandu
  • Max. Altitude: 5220m
  • Activity: Trekking
  • Trip Grade:
  • Accommodation: Hotel, Guest House
  • Transpotation: Car, Bus, Plane
  • Group size: Min. 2 pax
  • Activity Per Day: Daily Walking – 5 to 7 Hrs

Price include

  • Country side drives Kathmandu to Arughat.
  • Experience of Nepali and Tibetan culture as some part of Trek area is inhabitant of Tibetans.
  • Cross Larkya la pass 5220m.
  • Summit Samdu peak without Technical problem and without peak permit.
  • Magnificent view of Manaslu as well as Annapurna ranges.

Price Exclude

  • Country side drives Kathmandu to Arughat.
  • Experience of Nepali and Tibetan culture as some part of Trek area is inhabitant of Tibetans.
  • Cross Larkya la pass 5220m.
  • Summit Samdu peak without Technical problem and without peak permit.
  • Magnificent view of Manaslu as well as Annapurna ranges.

Day to Day itinerary

    Day 01: Arrival
  • Welcome by our representative at the airport, transfer to hotel in Kathmandu. Later in the evening enjoy Welcome Dinner.

    Stay overnight at Kathmandu.

  • Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley ( Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan City, Swoyambhunath Stupa)
  • After breakfast we are going to do some sightseeing activities today. As planned, we are going to explore some of the most iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu city, evening drive back to hotel.

    Stay overnight at Kathmandu.

  • Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Gorkha
  • We begin our trek with a 5 to 6 hour long journey to the ancient town of Gorkha. While enjoying the scenic hilly terrains and lovely small community settlements, we drive along a picturesque yet winding trail that takes us away from the dynamic capital city, Kathmandu. You can witness the shimmering Trishuli & Marshyangdi rivers as you move closer towards the central west region of Nepal. Later upon, reaching the Gorkha you will be transferred to your respective lodging areas where you can relax your exhausted bodies.

    Stay overnight at Gorkha.

  • Day 04: Trek from Gorkha to Arughat (700 m AMSL)
  • Allow yourself to enjoy this day as today you’re going to start your trekking adventure on foot. Thus, after waking up and having your breakfast, we shall head off from our lodge areas and march along a dusty trail towards our next destination of Arughat town. This particular town is known to be a popular place for tourists and trekkers who plan on traveling inside the Manaslu region or cross the formidable Larkya La Pass. Hence, Arughat town is widely considered as the gateway to Manaslu region. Upon reaching Arughat, trekkers at a first glance will be able to see the immense availability of touristic lodges, cafes and hotels which in prime trekking seasons are filled with crowds of travelers.

    Stay overnight at Arughat.

  • Day 05: Trek from Arughat to Sotikhola (815 m AMSL)
  • First thing’s first, this phase of trekking is mostly covered with dusty dirt filled roads. Walking through can be a bit lifeless for enthusiastic natural lovers who wish to travel amongst a more verdant region. Nevertheless, as we get closer and closer to the tiny village of SotiKhola, trails start to get uplifted with an enchanting aroma of vibrant greenery rich paths occupied with scenic waterfalls and terraced farmlands. Situated at an altitude of 815 meters above sea level, SotiKhola is going to be our final destination where we plan on spending our upcoming night.

    Stay overnight at Sotikhola.

  • Day 06: Trek from Sotikhola to Machakhola (900 m AMSL)
  • Leaving the small village settlement of SotiKhola, we are now going to make a straightaway towards MachhaKhola which is located hundred-meter-high up above SotiKhola village. We wake up, have our breakfast and then pack up our bags once again for another trekking adventure. Initially, it will take us on a descending rocky trail but later on we will need to start climbing up towards the village of Almara. Continuing on, we now travel through a lush forested trekking route that will have us follow the sandy river banks of Budhi Gandaki. And after a long 4 to 5 hour long journey, we reach Lambeshi village and ultimately arrive at MachhaKhola before dawn.

    Stay overnight at Machakhola.

  • Day 07: Trek from Machakhola to Jagat (1250 m AMSL)
  • Positioned at a high altitude of 1,250 meters above sea level, Jagat is listed as our next destination on our way to complete the trek. This lovely town is mostly popular known for the presence of exotic looking traditional houses & ethnic communities that are adored by the marching groups of trekkers. But before that, we will need to go through a number of other villages which are unique and charming in their own way. Among those villages Tatopani and Dobhan which lie en route to Jagat and they both have managed to get a lot of attention of travelers inside Manaslu region.

    Stay overnight at Jagat.

  • Day 08: Trek from Jagat to Deng
  • Things get tougher from this point onward, simply because a long exhausting journey awaits us as we plan on heading to Deng village today. We get up and fill up our stomach with much-needed nutrient rich breakfast which will power us to leave Jagat and start marching forward to our next destination. Shortly after leaving Jagat, we make a short descend to Salleri along a main street filled with friendly local people. Later after walking for about 2 hours, we arrive at Siridibas and then continue on to make way towards one of the longest suspension bridges which will help us cross the torrential river of Budhi Gandaki. After crossing the Budhi Gandaki river it will take us to Philim and with another hour-long journey, we reach Ekle Bhatti (1,600m). And at the very last moment, we make a final push towards Deng village (1,860m) which will require another several hours to reach.

    Stay overnight at Deng.

  • Day 09: Trek from Deng to Namrung
  • While we march our way through several villages one after another, we slowly are beginning to gain high increase in elevation. So, trekkers must remain vigilant and cautious about their health conditions now onward. The initial part of our journey will most likely take us on a steep climb up to another close by village of Ghap. Welcoming trekkers with a fascinating scenery made up of Mani walls and chortens, you can easily feel the signature influence of the Tibetan culture and tradition in these parts of our trek. Later ahead, we begin crossing several short small wooden bridges over the flowing turbulence of Budhi Gandaki river and arrive at Namrung village.

    Stay overnight at Namrung.

  • Day 10: Trek from Namrung to Lho (3148 m AMSL)
  • It’s day eighth and todays trek will see you go through numerous Tibetan influence villages. So, as we leave Namrung village behind, our steps lead the way towards Bhanzam (a small plateau consisting of small number of barley fields & stone houses). From here we begin our entry towards the village of Lihi. This place is highly active with Tibetean Buddhist culture and tradition which dominate the major section of this trekking region. There are small campsites with one or two local lodges operating to cater the needs of travelers. And after walking for 3 hours from Lihi village, we reach our final destination of Lho village which is commonly and locally referred to as Lhogaon.

    Stay overnight at Lho.

  • Day 11: Trek from Lho to Sama Gaon (3517 m AMSL)
  • Being largely occupied by multitude of large Buddhist gompas and monasteries, Lho is truly a beautiful village that has successfully been able to preserve its ancient norms and values. Due to which, this is a most visited place inside Manaslu region. As we trek further towards our next destination, we now have to pass through interesting land terrains which offers spectacular views of the northern Himalayas such as the world’s eight highest mountain Manaslu (8,150 m). Moving onward, the scenic views help us follow a treacherous lateral moraine of the Pungen Glacier and gradually lead us towards Sama Gaon.

    Stay overnight at Sama Gaon.

  • Day 12: Reserve day for Rest and Acclimatization
  • Positioned at a high altitude of 3,517 meters above sea level, this place serves as one of the best places to remain for the nightfall as impressive arrays of dazzling stars fill up the horizon at dusk. However, this village is also good enough spot to spend a day or two for acclimatization. As you might have known by now, the gain in elevation is likely to become a challenging factor for trekkers. Hence, planning a day to reenergize and help your body to get properly acclimatized is a necessity which must be done in order to keep ourselves from harming our bodies. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors all day doing nothing. You can just leap out for short non-tiring strolls and hikes around the surrounding areas of Samagaon.

    Stay overnight at Sama Gaon.

  • Day 13: Trek from Sama Gaon to Samdo (3738 m AMSL)
  • Our launching steps toward our next destination of Samdo is going to take us on a hike up to the overhead section of the Budhi Gandaki river. Today we will get the chance to visually witness the starting point of the all mighty Budhi Gandaki river. Progressing further, our trail will lead us higher and higher where one of the most isolated community settlements of Manaslu region is located. Temperature is bound to drop drastically upon arriving at Samdo village and the harsh cold winds make it a necessity for trekkers to wear windproof jackets in order to keep themselves warm and unscathed. Due to the remoteness of Samdo village, trekkers will have very less lodging options to choose while they stay at Samdo.

    Stay overnight at Samdo.

  • Day 14: Trek from Samdo Peak to Samdo
  • Samdo is considered to be the perfect place to test the spirits and courage of fellow trekkers who wanted to experience true adventure in Nepal. And if you are up for it, we shall go on a thrilling hike up to the nearby Samdo Peak which has an estimate high elevation above 5,500 meters. To begin with, Samdo Peak is not that difficult to climb, however a trek up this peak can help trekkers to acclimatize more efficiently and effectively for the remaining part of the journey. This won’t require any previous peak climbing experience what so ever. Hence, taking a day out to climb this peak can be thoroughly enjoyed and utilized by the trekkers.

    Stay overnight at Samdo.

  • Day 15 : Trek from Samdu to Dharamsala (4480 m AMSL)
  • After Samdo village, we travel even further and higher to reach Dharamsala village which truly is a place of splendor and joy for foreign tourists/trekkers. It will take us just about 2 hours to reach Dharamsala from Samdo village. So, there’s not much hard effort in demand to trek but you can utilize your free time by going on a short hike to the nearby FukangDanda after reaching Dharamsala. The view from there is thought to be a spectacle for the eyes of visitors to glance upon.

    Stay overnight at Dharmsala.

  • Day 16: Trek from Dharmashala to Larkay la Pass (5213 m AMSL) to Bimtang (3890 m AMSL)
  • Let’s get it straight that today is easily one of the most highlighted and remarkable day of our entire trekking journey. After all, today we are planning to cross the formidable challenging high Himalayan pass of Larkya La which stands proudly at a high elevation of 5,213 meters above sea level. Climbing beside a moraine, trekkers gently take their steps towards the top of Larkya La Pass which is going to be a daunting task for trekkers who haven’t properly acclimatized in the past days. Do keep in mind that reaching the top of Larkya La Pass can take several hours. And upon reaching the top trekkers get violent mixture of extreme strong winds and cold temperature. So, do be ready for that. Next, we begin descending all the way down to Bhimtang.

    Stay overnight at Bimtang.

  • Day 17: Reserve day for Rest and Acclimatization
  • Just like before, we are going to spend this day for acclimatization. Today you have time to explore the amazing Bhimtangvillage which is usually a fancied place for trekkers. Located between the Bhimtang glacier and the Larke Himal Range, Bhimtang village is extraordinary place where dramatic landscapes covered with small grassy meadows can be found. For those wanting to go out for a more adventurous experience, they can explore the lower regions of Larkya La pass which simply won’t be a monotonous activity.

    Stay overnight at Larkya la Pass.

  • Day 18: Trek from Bimtang to Tilije (3010 m AMSL)
  • It’s day sixteenth and now we are going to start descending our way down from Bhimtang village. After waking up and having our breakfast, we initially fall off the trail from the meadows of Bhimtang and then cross a glacial stream via a wooden bridge. Later on, trekkers can expect to descend further down to Hompuk village through a forested region filled up with conifers and rhododendron trees. And we ultimately arrive at Tilije village (3,010m) where a quality lodges and hotels can be found.

    Stay overnight at Tilije.

  • Day 19: Trek from Tilije to Jagat (1250 m AMSL)/Syanje (1175 m AMSL)
  • We are approaching the final leg of trekking adventure inside Manaslu region. Our journey today takes us on a previously trekked section of our trek as we march towards Syange village (1,175m). The dusty roads will eventually let us tumble through them and lead us to the small village settlement of Syange where numerous chortens and prayer flags can be seen along with some beautifully painted mani walls. Lastly, if we have enough time left with us then we can consider a trek further to Jagat (1,250m) before ending the day.

    Stay overnight at Syange/Jagat.

  • Day 20: Trek from Jagat/Syanje to Nagdi/Khudi
  • The final destination for this day is going to be decided by where you slept last night. If you managed to walk till Jagat then you are going to stay overnight in Khudi village. But on the contrary, if you just managed to reach Syange yesterday then you will stay overnight in Nagdi village for the upcoming night. However, if you managed to walk at a fast pace, then you might reach all the way to Khudi even from Syange. Just make an early start if you want to do so. Otherwise reaching Nagdi is also fine as you won’t be much behind.

    Stay overnight at Nagdi/Khudi.

  • Day 21: Trek from Nagdi/Khudi to Besisahar (825 m AMSL)
  • It is day nineteenth and we have now reached the last day of trekking as tomorrow we will be returning back to Kathmandu via a drive from Besisahar town. So, try to enjoy this last segment and take as much photographs as you please. Going up and down the hilly terrain, trekkers will make their way towards Besisahar. Lastly, we shall end our day at Besisahar by celebrating our triumphant trek with a proper Nepalese celebration dinner.

    Stay overnight at Besisahar.

  • Day 22: Drive from Besisahar to Kathmandu
  • After finishing your breakfast, we now jump in our private tour vehicle and catch a ride to the dynamic capital city, Kathmandu. It will approximately take us about 7 hours to reach Kathmandu from Besisahar. Upon reaching Kathmandu, a representative of Euro-Asia shall escort you to your respective hotel rooms where you can have some shower and take rest. Later in the evening, we go out to do some memento Farewell Dinner.

    Stay overnight at Kathmandu.

  • Day 23: Departure
  • After breakfast transfer to the airport to fly to onward destination.

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