Top Tryouts While Visiting Nepal

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October 2, 2015

Top Tryouts While Visiting Nepal
  1. Try the art of pottery

Nepal is well known for its arts, crafts and architectures that exhibit true traditional values of local communities. And while visiting Nepal, we give you exclusive chance to try those things that you probably hadn’t tried before. You will get the chance to learn old tradition of preparing a pottery. We spend a full day learning to craft a pottery, create a pot and shape it. Take a pot home that you made; prepare your own souvenir.

  1. Try to cook Nepali food with locals

Do you love to try different food? Yes, right! Of course you do. Visiting Nepal is just not about going in one of the restaurant and ordering a meal. Why don’t you try to cook Nepali food in Nepali style? Try your hands in preparing some delicious popular local dishes like momos, samosha,  sel roti, desserts, chatamari, woh, drinks like fruit flavored lassi etc. There are many other local dishes to try out. Learn, cook and have it as a lunch. Believe me, there is nothing other more satisfying than this.

  1. Try to paint Thangka with master

Art of painting Thangka dates back to hundreds of year old tradition believed to be initiated from Tibet. Nepal being sharing northern border with Tibet, there is a whole lot of Tibetan cultural and traditional influences found in Nepal. One of those is art of painting Thangkas. We will visit the thangka paint school where Lamas put their hands on creating this wonderful art of masterpiece. It takes lot of hardwork, peaceful environment, practice and knowledge for art. So, if you will be taught the basic ideologies behind painting a Thangkas and if you feel confident, master will even let you put your hands on canvas.

  1. Try to weave on traditional loom

We recommend you to try some weaving lesson at any of the socio-business organization that focuses on uplifting marginalized women of society. You will be given a chance to weave ‘dhaka’ a Nepali handmade fabric loom. In this way, you will learn something new, exciting. Proudly wear something that you made yourself like ‘Dhaka scarf’.

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