5 things to Know About Nepal Before Traveling Here

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September 20, 2019

5 things to Know About Nepal Before Traveling Here

Every time we plan to travel to another country, it is always helpful to learn about few things beforehand. In this blog, I will explain 5 things to know about Nepal before traveling here in Nepal that might be useful for you when you travel.

Nepal is a landlocked country which is surrounded by China to the north and India to the south. Every year travelers from all around the world travel here and most of them express how culturally and geographically diverse Nepal is. No wonder, Nepal has always been on the bucket lists of most of the travelers I had met.

The country of Mount Everest and birth place of Lord Buddha has so much more to offer. From cultural tours to adventurous trek it has ample number of options to choose from. However, whether you opt for trek or tours if you know about what I’m about to write in this blog, it will come very handy for you.

5 things to Know About Nepal Before Traveling Here

1) How to Greet the locals

In Nepal, with a slight bow, we place our palms together in a prayer like position and say “Namaste”. “Namaste” is used for hello and also for bidding goodbye. In Hinduism it means, “I bow to the divine in you”. A respectful way to address an older male is “Dai” and for an older female is “Didi”. In the same way, if you want to address to younger male is “bhai” and for a younger female is “baini”. These are few words you might want to learn, so that you make the Nepalese you encounter smile.

2) Something Expected out of you

If you ever get invited to visit a home of a Nepalese, make sure to remove your shoes before getting in. This is a normal practice where Nepalese, remove their shoes before entering their house. Also, avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless clothes while visiting temples and historical places

3) Be adventurous but careful

Nepal is a heaven for travelers with a daring soul. However, we would suggest to take a friend along because the mountains and woods can be tricky. Often times we recommend to take a guide along in order to avoid getting lost and always being on the track. Also, always know about what kind of attire you should carry on your trip here. The weather can be very cold up in the mountains, therefore carry the attire accordingly. Furthermore, there is a possibility of altitude sickness and hence know about acclimatization need by your body.

4) Water Safety

Water is not recommended to be drunk right out of the tap. Even the tap water from the hotels is not recommended to be used for drinking purpose. Stick with bottled water during your stay here. Also, avoid using ice in the restaurants and cafes unless knowing which type of water is used.

5) Food heaven for a foodie

In Nepal, you can go for something traditional or popular international dishes whatever you wish for. There are numerous restaurants that serve variety of cuisines. Tradition Nepali food consists of rice and lentils and is known as “Dal Bhat” usually served with vegetables, pickle and non-vegetarian curry of your choice. However, Nepalese food can be spicy and it is always better to specify how hot you want it while ordering your food.

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