Miss Rojina Luintel – Marketing Executive

Miss Rojina luintel looks after marketing by handling all the social medias of the company. She also performs content management for the official site.

Narte Rai
Narte Rai

Mr. Narte Rai has 25 years of experience as trekking guide and he has been working with us since 12 years. Being a trekking leader he has led numerous groups to major trekking regions especially in Everest and eastern region of Nepal.

prem rai
Prem Rai

Mr. Prem rai has been working with us since last 5 years and he is among the most experienced and veteran trekking leader of Nepal with nearly three decades of experience. In his career, he has led numerous big groups and our clients have loved to travel with him.

rajesh bista
Rajesh Bista

Driving is not only profession for Mr. Bista, it’s his hobby, passion and profession. Smooth, safe and driving as per road condition is the noticeable thing while traveling with Mr. Bista. He has been working with us since last 10 years in his 19 years of driving career.

som bhandari
Som Bhandari

Mr. Bhandari is also one of the most experienced driver working in Euro Asia. He has ability to drive 4WD jeeps through off roads with ease, comfort and safety. He has traveled almost all the part of Nepal and knows the road condition of each and every corner. In his 17 years of driving career, he has been integral part of our team since last year.