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Welcome to the Himalayas!

Euro-Asia came into existence when its founder’s passion for traveling kept on increasing. They loved traveling and hence they concluded that they wanted to make traveling experience of fellow travelers, easier and organized. This is how Euro-Asia’s vision came into place. Since our initial days, our main priority has always been satisfying our clients by providing them with exciting packages be it tour or trekking.

Euro-Asia was established in 1995 and twenty-three years hence we can say that we have achieved our vision and today we are one of the leading destination management company of Nepal.

Corporate Social Responsibility

No business can sustain without giving back to the society that it operates in. With this thought in mind, Euro-Asia has always believed that protecting the natural and cultural integrity of Nepal is really important.  In this regard, Euro-Asia has associated with “Club fifty Nepal” and has contributed to tackle the different causes and to make the society better. To know more about our CSR activities: http://euroasiatreks.com/corporate-social-responsibility/

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